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“A beautiful and sparkling slipstream of
clarity, creativity, articulation and light.”

- Atlanta McIlwraith, Timberland

Ready to embody a new kind of leadership, one that’s rooted in curiosity, courage and compassion?

Have you wondered whether it’s possible to be, live and lead from a place of abundance, ease, and equity?

How would it feel if your sense of purpose was anchored in an inner plenitude, and flowed out as passionate care—if you could embrace your gifts fully, develop your inimitable vision and joyfully be of service?

I am not here to provide you with the answers (as tough as that may be to hear!), but rather to guide and embolden you in building capacity for a whole hearted approach to life, relationships and leadership. 

Through practices ranging from journaling to visualization; guided meditations to somatic explorations; digital detoxes to transpersonal dialogue, I can help you assemble a toolkit and daily practice to expand your awareness, claim your voice and shed what no longer serves, so that you’re able to make your mark.

If you’re ready to lead from within, and become your most authentic and unstoppable self, check out the below offerings to see what might be the best fit for you. 

Want me to address a whole department, company, or conference or lead a courageous leadership workshop for your team or organization? Learn about how to engage me as a speaker, facilitator or consultant.


"Traveler, your footprints are the only road, nothing else. Traveler, there is no road; you make the path by walking, by walking, you make the path."
- Antonio Machado


One-to-One Coaching

Based on a signature framework utilizing 14 years of experience as a groundbreaking corporate responsibility leader and corporate social intrapreneur, and almost a decade of lessons from independent travel in Southeast Asian supply chains and personal adventure; tailored to meet your unique needs, goals and potential; 3 - 6 months of bi-weekly video calls with a dedicated dossier of journaling prompts, guided meditations, invitations, resources, and more.

Small Group Coaching & Leadership Cohorts

Guided courageous leadership development in a supportive online container with a community of like minded peers.


What is hidden in you? A new way of being? A career leap? Launching or up-leveling that new good for the world business? Writing a chapter of your brave book? Stepping into a new way of energized working x living you’ve been craving, but didn’t know was possible? It is!



What? An intimate 2-week courageous leadership residency along the beautiful South Coast of Sri Lanka to awaken and inspire what is wanting to emerge, while safely supporting you in discovering and boldly taking the next right step on your uncharted path. 


Think (a new kind of) leadership development meets yoga retreat, meets tropical co-working and living space with like-hearted humans, meets an island vibe surrounded by the freedom of nature’s jungle and the ocean’s inspiration.


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“When I first met Ashley in an online group setting I immediately observed her ability to truly, actively listen. I then witnessed her skill sets around deep, intuitive, understanding when she responded to me during our first one on one. I’m a pretty diverse, deep thinker myself and she said things that I had not thought of, nor probably would have crossed my mind. Then…I went to her online workshop and was blown away by her ability to help others apply frameworks to their experiences and goals. She helps you come to self-realization and commitment to action within the same exercise, which is utterly brilliant! I refer back to my learnings and commitments often to keep me on track. She authentically helped me towards a more purposeful career and life. And for that I am forever grateful."

Faith Legendre, Aspen Institute First Movers Fellow, Founder, Afire Consulting, previously Cisco, Sr. Circular Economy Solutions Strategist

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