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Ashley Davis is that rare leader who is unafraid to be tender, raw and real. Her presence simultaneously inspires confidence, trust and the freedom to seek transformative, compassionate solutions for the most intractable challenges faced by both individuals, and society at large.

For more than ten years, Ashley led corporate responsibility at Cole Haan and Nike, where she coached, guided, developed, and implemented leadership practices and business operations as a means to create a more sustainable future, by fostering shared values across the value chain and the business ecosystem. 

Despite her outward professional success, Ashley hit a wall in 2018 and realized that the harder she worked and the more she pushed, the more tired, desperate and stuck she felt, both in her personal life, and in her attempts to reform the fashion industry. Through many small and big journeys, she began to question her beliefs about who she was, and slowly reclaim her intrinsic joy and self worth. 

“Ashley is a student of life who is a wise teacher by default. The dynamite of a spirit turned on to life in the most present manner. Her story of how she ended up being attached to Sri Lanka is inspiring and remarkable.”

- Viren Perera, Founder, Ulpotha Retreats, Investment Banker


From that source stemmed a clearer understanding of her values, needs and gifts, and she transitioned from being a siloed player in corporate social responsibility to becoming an empowered coach working with those committed to and ready for real change.

​She credits Sri Lanka as one of her greatest teachers, along with the poet David Whyte and her growing capacity to listen to her body’s innate wisdom.


It’s this combination of embodied wisdom, corporate savvy, and values-based decision making that makes Ashley a powerful ally in reimagining success and impact to be more equitable and fulfilling. 


Her latest endeavor, Ashley Davis Collective, questions the status quo, shifts the collective consciousness of impact leaders towards leading change from within, nurtures emerging social entrepreneurs, and enables big hearted rebels to make their mark. 

Ashley combines somatic practices, poetry, dialogue, inquiry, nature and community engagement to create a one of a kind experience that is not only delightful, but illuminating. Those who work with her report feeling more present in their lives, trusted in their relationships, courageous in their differences, and clear in their intuition after working with her and her signature process. 

She is an Aspen Institute Business & Society Fellow, Advisory Board Member and Leadership Coach, a GOODCON Sri Lanka speaker, and an Ivy Future League Mentor.

Meditation 'Shifting Perspectives' led by Ashley Davis
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