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May 07-18 2023  in  SRI LANKA

Wellness, meet Leadership. 

Are you ready to pioneer a new way to work, find meaning, and live with purpose?

Join us for 11 days in tropical paradise to dive deeper, bond with other like minded intra-and entre-preneurs, and emerge ready to embody your inner visionary with ease, confidence and guts. 


You know the old stories of work are on their way out. You’re sick of black and white thinking around purpose and profit. You’re ready to step into a new model of leadership that’s human, embodied and inclusive. But in order to do that, my bad ass beloved, you also need support. 

Space to allow your authentic voice to emerge. Inspiration and support to nurture your sparks of genius. Community and coaching to develop practices + mindsets that sustain your passion + ethos. 

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That’s where Uncharted comes in. An 11 day immersive experience in the lush, rejuvenative mountains and coastal regions of Sri Lanka, where we create an exquisite cocoon for you to interrupt the grind, indulge in the restorative powers of spectacular natural beauty, and reconnect with your sacred why. 

And while you’re soaking up the magic, you can also rest assured that Uncharted is employing local craftsmen, healers, artists and teachers and supporting their economic growth and personal development. 

“Uncharted felt like finding and drawing a dashed line on the proverbial map, between my heart and the world. My joy overtook my fear, and I learned how to honor and attune to my inner compass. I left the retreat feeling centered, resourced and re-energized towards what I felt called to create.”

- Sofiya Deva, Founder, This Same Sky


Imagine your most luxurious spa trip, combined with a long heart-to-heart with your best friend, add in an exotic locale with breathtaking views, and a download from the wisest most compassionate version of yourself, and you’re getting close to the experience of Uncharted. 

"Ashley is a student of life who is a wise teacher by default. The dynamite of a spirit turned on to life in the most present manner. Her story of how she ended up being attached to Sri Lanka is inspiring and remarkable."

- Viren Perera, Founder, Ulpotha Retreats, Investment Banker

What's Included 2023


An adventure of a lifetime, with all the logistics sorted, so you can show up, sink in, receive and recharge the batteries of your inner revolutionary.


We’ll provide:

  • 3 nights at renowned wellness resort, Santani (voted in the top 100 places to stay in the world by Time Magazine)

  • 8 nights at Kiripalu, a luxury private villa in the jungle in your own private room with en suite bath*, AC, king size bed, private outdoor seating

  • An intimate community of up to 12 big hearted change makers

  • 7 facilitated + interactive workshops crafted and curated to yield a more sustainable and joyful relationship to work and purpose 

  • Experiential integration sessions (i.e. creative workshops, ritual, storytelling, time in nature, etc.)

  • Bookend coaching sessions leading into and post- retreat, to support with transition and identify key areas of personal focus 

  • Structured but spacious schedule to accommodate integration, rest + exploration

  • Curated travel guide to find the top off-the-beaten-track gems

  • Local + Ayurvedic inspired meals prepared onsite: fresh, unique** breakfast daily, 3 lunches, and 9 dinners 

  • Unique dining experiences + family style meals at some of our favorite local cafes + homes

  • Morning yoga sessions

  • Periodic Sri Lankan adventures (i.e. surf lesson, bike ride through rice paddy fields) 

  • Roundtrip airport transfer to/from the villa

  • Special opening + closing ceremony

  • Tuk tuk transport from/to villa for excursions + scheduled events***


* Shared rooms available upon request

** Vegetarian and other dietary preferences can be accommodated
*** Flights, and alcohol not included


Ashley Davis has been guiding corporate change makers and social entrepreneurs to become more impactful and fulfilled leaders for over 15 years. Her gentle yet fierce coaching, facilitation and curriculum reliably catalyze lasting transformation, from the inside out. 

Her clients report feeling more present in their lives, trusted in their relationships, courageous in their differences, and clear in their mission after working with her and her signature process. 

Ashley combines somatic therapy, poetry, dialogue, inquiry, nature and community engagement to create a one of a kind experience that is not only delightful, but healing and illuminating. 

And when you anchor her unique brand of magic in a country as resilient, verdant and inviting as Sri Lanka, the end product is a truly unforgettable experience.

"Ashley has helped me keep the flame of inspiration burning, reaffirming that love by definition is boundless."

- Therese Miu, Founder, Fire Dash Media, Community Cultivator, Rising Filipinas





​Yes, yes and yes!

Step 1: Reserve your spot and mark your calendar
Step 2: Receive the travel checklist: ensure your passport is valid, etc. 

Step 3: Attend the virtual orientation, and meet your fellow travelers.

  • I am currently working, do I need to take vacation for this?"
    It is entirely up to you and the experience you desire! Are you able to arrange temporary remote/location independent status? Of course you may work, there will be ample free time for whatever serves. Your package even includes 4 passes to the beachside co-working space, Hari Hari House. Also available to you is the opportunity to do differently, which is what changed my own life. UNCHARTED was designed with your work needs in mind, though the more you can check out of your habitual way of working and be fully present with this phenomenal experience, the more you may get. Specifics: There are approximately 15 hours of programming weekly (over 4-5 days), inclusive of week-day yoga/movement. With the exception of about once weekly where we meet over dinner, we will wrap by around 6pm.
  • Tell me more about the tropical villa and the meals.
    Nirbana is a luxury villa in Ahangama and has been reserved for UNCHARTED guests only, so we’ll have the whole property to ourselves. It is located along a river surrounded by as many shades of green as you can imagine and alllll the birdsong. You’ll get your own spacious private room with a double bed (or larger), en suite bathroom, AC, and outdoor seating. There is a pool, yoga shala, and fleet of stand up paddle boards. Breakfast will be provided Monday - Friday. Dinner will be provided at least 4 nights per week, with some additional special surprises. There will also be a few additional meals provided at some of our favorite locations as part of our programming or integration sessions. When the kitchen is not providing a meal or we are not scheduled to eat off site together, the kitchen will be available to you for your own preparation. There are also delivery options and tons of places to venture out within 5 - 25 minutes tuk tuk ride. No meals are provided Saturday/Sunday.
  • What am I really getting?
    Loads! Please see What’s Included This is not…a yoga retreat…a leadership development retreat for mastery of currently accepted skills and strategies of capitalism…or a tuned out vacation from your current situation. This is an opportunity to interrupt your status quo, disrupt outdated thinking and ways of walking through the world, change/shift/grow in new ways, connect with and build a collective of passionate leaders brave enough to lead in a new way for the betterment and inclusion of all.
  • What precautions are being taken to protect guests and the community against COVID-19?
    At this time, we are requiring participants to be fully vaccinated and boostered at least 14 days prior to the start of the retreat. Masks are to be worn in public, and we will be vigilant with cleaning.
  • May I bring a friend or partner who is not participating in the UNCHARTED residency?
    Please contact Ashley directly. If you feel called to participate but your partner just wants a chance to travel, let’s talk about it and come up with an empowered solution respectful of everyone’s experience.
  • What is your refund policy?
    It is our intention for you to be happy with the UNCHARTED and for each of us to fully invest in its success. There is a non-refundable hold deposit for the retreat to fairly compensate the Ashley Davis Collective for holding a space in the retreat for you and turning down other potential guests. Once we sign an agreement for your participation and your first payment has been made, you are committing to the full length of the retreat and any and all future payments as part of your chosen payment agreement. However, we know that life happens. If a life-changing event were to occur and you were absolutely not able to participate, we are happy to work with you to find an empowered solution for you by offering credit for future programs, individual coaching at a later date, or refunds as specified below. To reserve your space there is a $1,300.00 USD non-refundable hold deposit. Should you choose to cancel your participation in UNCHARTED prior to 8AM EST on March 15, 2022 you are eligible to receive a refund of the total amount paid to us, less the non-refundable deposit and a 3% transaction fee. Should you choose to cancel your participation in UNCHARTED after 8AM EST on March 15 and before 8AM EST on April 15, 2022 you are eligible for a 50% refund, less the non-refundable deposit and a 3% transaction fee. Should you choose to cancel your participation in the Retreat after 8AM EST on April 15, 2022 no refunds will be issued. All sales are final.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    (See also Refund Q&A above. Here are a few cancellation scenarios for you to be aware of Participant cancellation due to contracting COVID: If you test positive for COVID (ugh, that totally stinks!) within 10 days of the UNCHARTED start date and cannot safely attend the Retreat after recovery or non-symptomatic quarantine, then we may request a copy of your positive PCR test report and you will be eligible for a 50% refund, less the non-refundable hold deposit amount and a 3% transaction fee. If you have tested positive for COVID and are able to safely attend within Week 1 of UNCHARTED, then your participation may be prorated. COVID Cancellation/Postponement: These policies may change at any time due to the very fluid and unpredictable situation. Please note that if UNCHARTED has to be postponed based on a border closure, a full credit for your retreat registration will be issued to be used for the postponement date. If the retreat is cancelled with no postponement date, a full refund less 3% transaction fees will be issued. If the retreat happens as scheduled, but you choose not to attend based on any other reason than a country's border closure, then the regular refund and cancellation policy apply. Cancellation due to low booking numbers: We reserve the right to cancel the retreat prior to the event if there are not enough participants signed up. In this case, you will be given a full refund including your deposit. We are not responsible for reimbursing travel or flights or any trip related expenses you may have incurred, so it is advised that you obtain travel insurance for the retreat. It will be confirmed by March 16, 2022 that this retreat is being held on the dates listed. If you purchase flights and/or other trip related expenses prior to this date you may be liable or those flights and purchases. Please check with your travel insurance provider.
  • What are Sri Lanka’s entry requirements?
    The following pages are updated regularly and are straightforward and easy to follow with all you need to know. For fully vaccinated travelers, no quarantine is required. Please visit Sri Lanka’s official site, Hello Again, for the most up to date information. We also recommend checking the Health Protocols for Arrivals to Sri Lanka for fully vaccinated travelers, available on the Hello Again page. Visa. Once your flights are booked/prior to departure you will need to apply online for a tourist visa. This is valid for 30 days (Uncharted is 25 nights). The turnaround time is usually a few days and you’ll need to print and bring this with you. Extended stay. If you’d like to stay longer than a 30 day tourist visa, we can help facilitate a visa extension for up to 6 months once you’ve arrived.
  • How does UNCHARTED benefit the local community?
    Every effort has been made to hire local Sri Lankans where possible, food is locally sourced, gifts and materials are from local artisans and social entrepreneurs, speakers are local social entrepreneurs, we will share a volunteer day, a portion of proceeds from UNCHARTED will be donated to a non-profit stewarding Sri Lanka’s environment, and the location, Nirbana, was chosen for its deep roots in the community and a history of giving back, as well as their commitment to continuously improving their operational sustainability. UNCHARTED is intentionally scheduled during the west coast’s surfing off-season so as to support local businesses in the low season. Ashley Davis Collective is GoodMarket Approved
  • Will there be coaching included?
    Group coaching is woven into the group workshops and integrations. You also have the opportunity to sign up for the VIP package (only 1!) which includes 30 minutes 1:1 with Ashley.

“Awaken your spirit to adventure. Soon you will find home in a new rhythm, for your soul senses the world that awaits you.”
-John O’Donohue

Still on the fence? Book a 15 minute 1x1 chat with Ashley BOOK HERE

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$5,434 USD* 

* credit card and payment plans available at a slightly modified rate

REGULAR - until Apr 16, 2023

$5,814 USD* 

* credit card and payment plans available at a slightly modified rate



Handmade, including an assortment of exotic snacks, soaps, textiles and journals. Curated from Good Market suppliers like Hope Market. 

+ $188 USD


Just 2 available, private rooms with private balcony 

+ $320 USD


Custom 2+ hour healing session combining massage, sound healing, and breath-work

+ $150 USD


Feel the experience with me.
Book a 15 minute 1x1 chat


"Uncharted is a transformative encounter, for the leader who knows that if they continue doing the same thing in the same way, they will continue to get the same results. If you want to upgrade output, creativity, energy, then you need to go through an initiatory experience to stretch oneself beyond listening to podcasts, reading books, attending classes, etc. Ashley’s framework tailors to your needs, all you need to do is come. "

Nick Shore, Former VP Strategy & Insights, MTV

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